Busty Indian Topless in a sari

I dont often wear traditional Indian clothes, but sometimes a sari is a great practicle way of staying cool when doing the house work. I always add my own twist to it though. Like here. Here I am wearing a sari with nothing underneath, so you get to see my huge 36G boobs.


4 Responses to “Busty Indian Topless in a sari”

  1. hardy Says:

    nice boobs

  2. anonymous Says:

    u fool it is better for u to die then showing off your body to every sex freaks… if u think u r beautiful,,, please be reminded that u look much uglier than a fucking dog u bitch.

  3. indian_hubby Says:

    You eyes elates me….
    You lips lures me…
    You boobs engulf me…
    OMG……wish to fuck u now

  4. infamous Says:

    OMG Shiva your so buff! you remind me of my girlfriend’s mums who we’re always much sexier than their daughters and thats saying allot because their daughters were hot!!

    Your everything i want your a sexy, chubby, indian and older OMG thats like 3 of my fetishes in 1 woman - you really must be a goddess. Do you need an athletic caramel stud to service you? be on website? because i want to break into the industry, im looking for 1st job.

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