Lanas lingerie tease in white lingerie and stockings



Lana really likes captivating underwear and Lana wants to tease, which makes this lady a good match for the web site known as, astonishingly,  Lanas Lingerie Tease. So now, you are without a doubt here as the idea of nylons and teasing is always a factor that you happen to be interested in, and so the only thing you must consider is definitely your emotions about Lana.

Lana is truly a stylish lady. She is 5’6″ and weighs about 125 lbs. Lana has blond hair, the measurements are 34-26-34. She is a mature woman. There isn’t a mention of her age at her web-site, but Let me guess 40ish (in case I am incorrect I apologize to her in advance).

She hasLana has just had the web-site re-designed, though putting posting times wasn’t part of the new look. It makes it tough to know when the website is updated.

Thus far, you will find 71 videos, each discovering her wearing a different skimpy outfit. The films can easily be downloaded also , you generally have a choice out of Windows Media and also QuickTime. Unfortunately, one or two can merely be down loaded in WMVs, and also streamed in Flash. You should look forward to generally high-quality play-back.

There are around 26 sets of pictures and also many collections from video caps. The actual shots tend to look great and several are actually high-res. While, the vid caps actually are astonishingly decent. If you are focussing on pictures or vid caps, you’re able to save all of them in Zip files, which is a benefit incorporated during the change.

What nylons fans will certainly love is the fact Lana in fact does like the satiny clothing just as much as you do. The variety of style plus colour styles is wonderful, although the manner this lady moves in them, rubbing  plus beaming at a cameras, truly shows a desire you just get at an authentic fanatics web-site like this one. As far as nudity goes, you may look at her tits, nevertheless it is a softcore tease web-site, hence the stockings is basically what is displayed.

There aren’t the bonus deals, but you can contact the lady by e-mail, therefore that provides fans some prospects for communication. Inspite of any lack of extras Lana’s assortment does have its benefits while the cost are affordable plus the repeating cost is yet less. At the end, Lanas Lingerie Tease is worth visiting.